Square in Melbourne

In 2016 Square opened its Australian office in Melbourne. Recently they announced they had moved into a larger new office and opening the company's first engineering hub outside of the US.

Square's founder Jack Dorsey says: “We have been humbled by the support Square has received from Australia’s business community over the past two years. Australia is an important market for Square, with more and more businesses joining our platform every day. As our seller base continues to grow, our team needs to grow with it, which is why we are investing more in Australia —adding new high-skill jobs and expanding our local operations in Melbourne. We continue to see a lot of talent come through, we’re here and hiring amazing tech talent."

Melbourne's growing population, the Australian market and the city's liveability are other reasons the leadership team at Square give for Melbourne being the best location for their business in Australia.

Square is among a growing number of US tech companies that are establishing their Australian and Asia Pacific headquarters in Melbourne. Others who are realising the benefits of Melbourne include Zendesk, Eventbrite and Salesforce.

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