How our team can help you

Business case development

If you are considering investing in Melbourne, Invest Victoria can help you scope the market opportunity and assist you with your business case development through the planning, setting up or ongoing growth stages of your business lifecycle.

We can help you with information on:

  • market potential, including size and growth
  • existing companies and industry clusters
  • competitive landscape for your industry
  • research and development capabilities
  • business environment and expected changes to this environment
  • financial and legal requirements
  • labour market skills and availability
  • comparative operational costs, including land, building and utilities.
Plan your visit to Victoria

Get to know Melbourne and key contacts first hand. Invest Victoria can help facilitate your visit so you get the information you need from the right people simply and easily.

Investor and business migration visas

There is a range of investor and business visas that you may be eligible for and that suit your needs. The Invest Victoria team can help you identify and apply for the one that works best for you.

Regulatory facts, building and planning approvals

Invest Victoria makes it easy to set up your business in Melbourne by providing a range of free services including site selection, market briefings, introductions to new industry networks and advice on national and state legislation and government procedures.

Access to state and federal government support for tech companies

Our team can help you identify and access the most suitable support from state and federal government programs. They include:

  • Victorian Technology Plan for the Future is an A$85 million plan to support growth, development, global competitiveness and innovation
  • Technology trade and international partnering (state government)
  • Technology development voucher (state government)
  • R&D tax incentive (federal government)
  • Business R&D vouchers (state government)
  • Grants for games marketing (state government)
  • Export market development grants (federal government)
What to do now

Start a conversation with our investment team about the potential of Australia's tech city for your company and to learn more about how we can help you at each step of the way.