Specialised automotive manufacturing: Hickory Group

Video: Hickory Group
Specialised automotive manufacturing

To further expand Victoria's manufacturing base, Invest Victoria commissioned a series of videos that showcase Victoria's manufacturing credentials as a great place to invest, start a new business, work and live. The videos portray how Victoria's specialised skills in the automotive manufacturing industry are transforming other areas of manufacturing, including building and construction, aviation and precision design manufacturing.

An integral part of trade missions around the world, the videos are introducing international investors to Victoria as part of the Victoria Invitation Program Melbourne; presenting Melbourne as resourceful and innovative location with progressive infrastructure, making it the ideal place for both domestic and international investment.

The first of these videos is on the Hickory Group. Hickory is an industry leader in the future of Australia's multi-unit urban development, specialising in the creation of vertical communities. Their specialised structure supports and promotes expertise in each of the key areas of the construction business, delivering exceptional value for our clients.