Investing in Melbourne: LINPAC

LINPAC is an international packaging firm specialising in developing and manufacturing innovative and eco-friendly packaging for retailers, caterers and food processing firms. It also makes many other kinds of packaging, and has over 25 locations around the globe. Set up in 1959, the company has around 2,500 employees worldwide.

LINPAC now manufacture their innovative recyclable food trays in Victoria. What started out as an already working pilot plant in Western Australia and plans for several more plants around the country has ended up as a single plant in Victoria. After meeting with Invest Victoria, LINPAC radically changed their strategy from opening a number of plants across Australia to opening a single plant in Victoria. Why?

An important reason was that Melbourne's proximity to their major customers simply made more commercial sense.

Graeme Robinson, LINPACs' Australian managing director said "People in Melbourne actually enable you to do things, rather than tell how you can't and why you can't… we want be surrounded by like-minded people want to help us get to where we want to go and we think Melbourne is the place for that."

VIDEO: Graeme Robinson (MD, LINPAC): Melbourne as an investment location

Invest Victoria's industry insights prompt a rethink

Invest Victoria made sure Graeme's company was given a warm welcome as a potential investor by arranging introductions to key government representatives—as well as giving him the confidence that he'd get the support from us here at Invest Victoria to resolve any obstacles. His reaction to his experience as a potential Melbourne investor? "Its people are really positive and supportive, its infrastructure is fantastic."

Our investment managers at Invest Victoria also helped LINPAC see the logistical advantages of Melbourne's easy access to 40% of Australian food processors and manufacturers, LINPAC's main customers. Another drawcard was Melbourne's competitive prices for industrial land, something LINPAC discovered after Invest Victoria's experienced and well-connected team found them a new site in Truganina, in Melbourne's West.

Ongoing support during business setup ensures LINPAC's success

What really stood out for Graeme was how we at Invest Victoria followed through on an early challenge while setting up their new site. When getting one utility connected to the site was slower than expected, we worked with the utility to facilitate the connection.

Graeme enthusiastically endorses Melbourne as a promising investment location for LINPAC, "we see a young population, a can-do population, a well-educated population we would certainly like to build links with. From our perspective we're incredibly excited about the opportunity."

If you firm is considering Australia or even the Asia Pacific for a new location, don't hesitate to contact us Invest Victoria. As LINPAC's Australian managing director, Graeme Robinson said, "It's just a great place to do business."