Melbourne becomes APAC home for Israeli Cyber Security firm

Backed by the Victorian Government, Melbourne’s Docklands precinct is home to the largest cybersecurity cluster in Australia. One firm that became an integral part of that collective late last year is Israel’s CyberGym, which provides hands-on training to businesses in dealing with cyberattacks.

Israeli cybersecurity firm chooses Melbourne

Their type of training is in hot demand as more organisations realise that adequate cyber protection is more than simply putting up a new firewall or installing anti-virus software. Indeed, cyberattacks at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony in Pyeonchang (where internet and television services went down) and on firms such as Google and Facebook have pushed the cybercrime issue further into the spotlight.

The company already have branches in Israel, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and planned office openings for North America, Ireland and Asia. And although it considered other sites in Australia and Asia, Docklands came out on top as the best fit for their global headquarters, says CyberGym’s founder and CEO, Ofir Hason, a former head of cybersecurity for Israel’s Shin Bet security service.

Docklands is home to some of the Asia Pacific’s best and brightest experts in cybersecurity, with the Cyber Security Growth Centre, Oceania Cyber Security Centre, the CSIRO’s Data61 research centre, and now CyberGym’s World Cyber Warfare Arena all choosing to base their head offices here,” he notes.

“Victorian-based businesses perhaps are best able to use our Docklands arena in an ongoing way – with different teams able to easily come in to train on new or emerging cyberthreats, and to continue to refine their internal processes and procedures. Also, over time the pool of trained cyber experts who have genuine hands-on experiences combating active threats will be greatly augmented by graduates of the arena.”

“We’re building a team at Docklands including cybersecurity trainers, mentors, ethical hackers, cyberforensics specialists and incident response teams. Many of these we will hire locally, and then we’ll have them spend time in our various locations around the globe, including Israel, to get first-hand experience in some of the most attacked environments in the world, so that they come back to Victoria with battle-hardened experience to share with the local market.”

Ofir Hason’s best advice for global businesses seeking to establish a base in Melbourne:

“Reach out to the Victorian Government – there’s a terrific team at Invest Victoria who have great expertise and experience in helping global companies develop a business case to establish a base in Melbourne, and then find the right local connections to get the new local business up-and-running as quickly as possible.”