Government support for ICT

Australian federal and Victorian state governments provide a range of programs, grants and financial incentives for the research and development of technology products and services in Victoria. They include:
  • Victorian Technology Plan for the Future is an A$85 million plan to support growth, development, global competitiveness and innovation
  • Technology trade and international partnering (state government)
  • Technology development voucher (state government)
  • R&D tax incentive (federal government)
  • Business R&D vouchers (state government)
  • Grants for games marketing (state government)
  • Export market development grants (federal government)
  • LaunchVic (state government), a A$60 million startup fund, will provide the right environment for entrepreneurs to develop, incubate and grow early-stage innovative businesses.

Melbourne's software industry is a part of a well-connected technology ecosystem; and successfully fosters collaboration to achieve innovation excellence.

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