Investing in Victoria

Australia is the 13th largest economy in the world and Victoria is the engine room of Australia’s economy, responsible for nearly a  quarter of national economic activity. We offer investors a stable and competitive business environment with longstanding ties to Asia, a skilled multicultural workforce, world-class institutions and infrastructure and unbeatable lifestyle. These attributes generate exciting, diverse and unique opportunities for investors.

'Investing in Victoria' describes:

  • The growth and strength of the economy and competitive business environment
  • The investment opportunities that Melbourne and Victoria offers across ten priority industries
  • How the State Government of Victoria paves the way to successful outcomes for investors.

While extending the services we give to new investors, we continue to support our current investment partners. We welcome their re-investment in existing projects, precincts and places,  as well as in new or expanded opportunities. Whether investing or re-investing, we consistently strive to understand and assist our investors and we are determined to advance opportunities that are of mutual benefit to Victoria and to the people and companies.