Food / Agribusiness, R&D and Innovation

Victoria is the home of food and agribusiness innovation in Australia, with competitive advantages in supply chain management, access to Research and Development (R&D) and links with industry groups. Firms who need to set up a key R&D centre (or who appreciate the benefits of working in an energetic R&D environment) will find:

  • In 2013–14, Victoria accounted for 29 per cent of Australia's total food and fibre exports and remained Australia's largest state exporter. Victoria has a 27 per cent share of Australia's total food exports and a 40 per cent share of Australia's total fibre exports.1
  • Melbourne has the most attractive location costs for R&D in the Asia Pacific.2

Wheat harvesting

Substantial research and collaboration

Victoria has a critical mass of R&D capabilities and skilled PhD scientists. They collaborate in facilities such as the recently opened AgriBio, a cutting-edge research facility for agricultural biosciences research and development at Latrobe University with 400 staff.

Victoria offers these advantages for food and agribusiness R&D and innovation

Melbourne is the leading Australian state in the supply of graduates in agricultural sciences and life sciences:

  • The state produces more graduates in agricultural science, environmental science and life science than any other state.3
  • Melbourne is the only Australian city to have two universities in the Times Higher Education Rankings (2014-15). University of Melbourne is Australia's highest ranked university, and is also the highest ranked Life Sciences University in the Asia Pacific.4
  • A national report into research excellence, produced by the Australian Research Council in 2012, recognised Latrobe University's as delivering 'outstanding performance, well above world standard' for biological sciences, and Monash University as 'well above world standard'.5
  • Many technical colleges provide technical training in the field.
  • Deakin University, Monash University, and University of Melbourne were all rated as delivering 'outstanding performance, well above world standard' for the medical and health sciences.6

Research institutes working with this sector:


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