The Melbourne International Singers Festival is celebrated amid public festivities and features world-class singing, performances and an array of outstanding vocal and musical workshops – held every June and running over a number of days.

The festival not only offers excellent music performances and live-singing opportunities but also invites people to participate in vocal workshops to learn more about singing.
A number of guest performers also come to Melbourne specifically for the festival; including award-winning Australian singers and some of the finest gospel experts from the USA. Guest singers and teachers from many other countries also feature in the line-up.

Come and be a part of the largest singing competition in Melbourne. Enjoy watching your favourite singers perform and don’t forget to check out the many concerts during the festival. One of the main highlights of the concerts has been the ‘Gospel Proms’. You will also be able to participate in many workshops and concerts and choruses singing a great range of songs at a variety of event.

For more information, visit the Only Melbourne website.

Melb International Singers Fest