Victoria University has signed a unique agreement with the Provincial Government of East Kalimantan that will pave the way for learning, teaching and research collaboration.

Under the agreement, Victoria University (VU) will provide opportunities for collaboration with East Kalimantan's government, universities and businesses, including:

  • East Kalimantan-funded scholarships for citizens and government officials to study a range of VU courses, including English language, diploma, bachelor and PhD programs in key areas for the province
  • East Kalimantan-funded scholarships for academics to undertake PhDs at VU;
  • VU-delivered executive leadership programs for industry;
  • Joint research collaborations with universities and the Government of East Kalimantan; and,
  • VU-led consultancy work in the province's economic development. 

VU's international strategy for 2016 and beyond aims to increase the University's engagement with Asia, including Indonesia.

VU has a long history of engagement with Indonesia, with several MOUs and double degrees formed with Indonesian universities, a number of student exchange programs and professional development programs for Indonesian teachers.

Melbourne, Victoria is a leading provider of high quality education and research and the universities located in Victoria have decades of success educating hundreds of thousands of students globally. This record of providing quality education, training and research has been instrumental in building global skills and knowledge across many countries.