An innovative new Dementia Friendly Home App has been developed that simulates home layouts to assist people with dementia.

The tablet app was developed by Alzheimer's Australia Vic , Deakin University with the help of a A$100,000 Victorian Government grant.

Video: Alzheimer's Australia Vic - 3D 'dementia-friendly home' app

Created using game developer tool Unreal Engine, the 3D app allows users to explore a virtual home, creating one that is more suitable for those with dementia. It works by allowing users to browse rooms and give advice about furniture and colours.

Each object within the home is interactive, allowing people to see and hear the impact simple changes might have for a person living with dementia.

For example, if a bed with a busy-patterned bedspread is tapped, the app explains why such decorations are not ideal because people with dementia can misinterpret what they're seeing.

White on white is challenging for dementia sufferers because the lack of contrast impedes them in finding the basin, as opposed to the toilet. This could be remedied by installing a different coloured toilet.

A friendly environment at home helps people with dementia to continue gardening, cooking and doing other everyday tasks that may have become difficult.

Alzheimer's Australia Vic receives more than A$4 million a year in government funding to raise awareness about the disease and to support Victorians with dementia and their carers.

Latest statistics from Alzheimer's Australia Vic estimate that there are about 97,000 Victorians living with dementia.

The Dementia Friendly Home App is available for iPads and Android tablets for A$2.99. The cost of downloading the app will go towards ongoing management and upgrades.