A new report has found that Australia's top-flight innovators will draw on a mix of skills – creative, business and technical– to tap new sources of wealth in the future.

The report from Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA), called "Skills and capabilities for Australian Enterprise Innovation," examines the current business practices of innovation leaders and provides insight to the expectations of workers in the decades ahead.

The report concludes that teams in modern workplaces need to mix depth of expertise with breadth of perception and skills.

The report finds skill integration is a strong and growing theme in the workplace strategies of 19 case study enterprises, including the iconic Cochlear (medical technologies), Envato (technology solutions for creative assets), Cotton Australia (agriculture), Pernod Ricard (global wine marketers), Laing O'Rourke (large-scale engineering and construction), and Woodside (mining).

These enterprises have excelled by taking a long-term strategic approach to attracting and building a diverse and inclusive workforce, capable of fostering individual talent and driving business-wide success.

The result is a team that harvests good ideas, generates more valuable innovations, and pursues the potential to better effect.

The report supports other analyses into trends in the future of work, such as the work of AlphaBeta's review of 4.2 million job advertisements in the last three years.

It found a 212 per cent increase in jobs demanding digital literacy, a 158 per cent rise in jobs demanding critical thinking and a 65 per cent rise in jobs demanding creativity.

The report found that while STEM expertise is necessary, deep content knowledge and technical skills need to be complemented by other disciplines. Regardless of their primary qualification, all future workers will need the broader attributes to constantly reinvent their businesses and jobs.

To access the report, go to the ACOLA website.