An Australian medtech company has launched an accelerator program, designed to support medtech social enterprises and startups in the sector.

Trajan Scientific and Medical's new program will target early stage enterprises, with long term vision focused on community health and welfare through scientific innovation.

Trajan Accelerator will favour startups that have developed products but lack the resources for further development and expansion.

Trajan will provide startups with infrastructure and support in Australia and around the world, through its 340 staff in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The company will take a minor equity stake in each startup. It will also provide support from a range of mentors from its network of partnerships with the University of South Australia and the University of Tasmania, Royal District Nursing Service and Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.

Trajan is the sole commercial partner between the University of Tasmania and University of South Australia in a program called Astech.

Through Trajan's collaboration with academia, the world's first blood collection and storage pen, hemaPen, was created, demonstrating the importance of working with industry and universities to produce useful medical products from laboratory to the patient.

Expressions of interest can be submitted via the Trajan Accelerator website.