Melbourne has reinforced its great reputation as the world's most liveable city with new statistics showing Victoria as the number one destination for Australians moving inter-state.

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show that over 30,000 Australians from other states migrated to Victoria in the six months leading to September 2014. The arrivals were most likely to come from New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Victoria is already the destination of choice for business and investment migrants, with the state welcoming two thirds of the national total. This further contributes to an increase in Melbourne's population of 2.25 per cent according to ABS figures - almost double the national average.

Melbourne is predicted to become Australia's biggest city as early as 2030, with a projected population of over 8 million by 2056.

Melbourne is well known as Australia's entertainment, sporting and cultural capital, which are all contributing factors in its attractiveness to domestic and international migrants. But it is its vibrant economy, leading education sector and multicultural population that underpins Victoria's position as Australia's most attractive state for migrants and investors.

An increasing population brings with it numerous opportunities for growth and investment. Not only does population growth enrich the states highly talented pool of skilled workers, but provides investment and job opportunities in the development of the additional infrastructure to accommodate this growth, such as roads, transport and construction. 

Victoria's ability to attract, retain and cultivate global talent makes it a perfect environment for investment. The state is well placed to take advantage of the many opportunities that come with a growing population and there is a huge potential for investment in the infrastructure that is needed to accommodate this.