Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport is growing international passengers at twice the rate of Sydney, generating an extra A$590 million for the Victorian economy.


In the past decade, passenger numbers have increased by 7.5 per cent compared with Sydney airport's 3.8 per cent over the same period.  Melbourne is home to Australia's largest 24-hour curfew free airport, and it sees about 750,000 passengers a month.

Board of Airline Representatives Australia director, Barry Abrams said that the results reflected a 'shifting of the balance' in international aviation towards Melbourne.  He also said that Melbourne Airport provided a higher level of service at a lower charge.

Acting CEO of Melbourne Airport, Simon Gandry, said, "Victoria's appeal as a premier destination for business, education, tourism and major events was again highlighted through strong international passenger growth throughout the 2014-15[SN1]  financial year."

"It's been an exciting year at Melbourne Airport and we're looking forward to completing some significant projects in the coming months that will enhance the customer experience at Victoria's aviation gateway as well as further support Victoria's growth and appeal as an international destination."

Melbourne Airport is home to 26 international airlines. More than 32 million people passed through the terminals 2014/2015, including 8.3 million international travellers.  Figures showed that the lack of a curfew at the airport allows it to service an additional 2 million passengers each year – which contributes to its fast growing passenger base.

Recent announcements by the Victorian government have included increased investment in airport infrastructure ensuring significant capacity for growth and investment in air freight and logistics over the next decade.