The Victorian Government's new capital city growth strategy, Plan Melbourne, has called for a new airport in the south east to cope with future population growth.

The Shire of Cardinia has identified several locations between Koo Wee Rup and Lang Lang (both approximately 1 hour from Melbourne by road) as potential sites for an airport.

This would serve one-third of Victoria's population including the 300,000 residents of Gippsland. It would have the benefit of good transport connections and the potential of future rail access.

The Victorian Government will work with local government to identify a preferred site for Melbourne's third major airport and investigate a process for private sector investment in its development.

The southern and eastern regions of Melbourne are projected to grow by up to one million residents in the period to 2050, bringing the population catchment of a south east airport up to around three million - the same as South East Queensland.

Such an airport would complement the new Port of Hastings and would be a key part of a planned Integrated Economic Triangle, which links transport and economic infrastructure in the South East, to the intermodal transport hubs in Melbourne's North and West.

Plan Melbourne is an integrated land, transport and economic strategy has been designed to keep Melbourne at the forefront of the world's cities for decades to come.

It links housing, employment, infrastructure and environmental projects to enhance the city's liveability and to attract investment and jobs.