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Ford Australia $230m green EcoBoost engine for 4-cylinder Falcon

Ford Australia $230m green engine initiative

24 July 2009

In a substantial new investment by Ford Australia, a $230 million green engine initiative is set to support the application of a four-cylinder, turbo-charged EcoBoost engine to fit the Falcon.

Ford are working in partnership with both the Victorian and Federal governments on the initiative, with $42 million funding pledged from the Federal government’s Green Car Innovation Fund.

Federal Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, said the funding would run over three years, starting this financial year, with the initiative marking an important milestone in Ford Australia’s evolution.

“This is a significant win for Ford Australia because the Australian-built Falcon will be the first rear-wheel drive vehicle in the world to receive the EcoBoost engine. The new, greener Falcon will emit significantly less carbon dioxide than current six-cylinder cars.

“This announcement is a big vote of confidence in the Ford’s local capabilities and comes at a time when the global automotive industry is going through its biggest shake-up in generation,” he said.

The EcoBoost is a key element of Ford Australia’s broader technology development strategy, which also includes the introduction an advanced liquid-injection LPG engine for the Falcon and a clean diesel engine for the Territory.

Senator Carr said it was initiatives like this that would help to steer the Australian automotive industry, the backbone of Australian manufacturing, towards long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

“Ford has also announced that it will not go ahead with its plans to produce the Focus in Australia. As much as we regret this, I am informed that no job losses will result from the decision. Ford has received no Commonwealth or Victorian funding for the Focus project.

“The Rudd Government will continue to partner with Ford and other motor vehicle producers in building a modern car industry supporting high-skill, high-value jobs,” Senator Carr said.

The Green Car Innovation Fund supports the efforts of Australian firms and researchers to design, develop and manufacture low-emission, fuel-efficient cars and components. It is a key element of the $6.2 billion New Car Plan for a Greener Future.

Victorian Minister for Industry and Trade, Martin Pakula, said Ford’s investment in the future of the locally manufactured Falcon and Territory was great news for the workers at Ford, for local component manufacturers in the supply chain, and for the future of the automotive industry in Victoria.

“Through implementation of the $6.7 million Victorian Automotive Manufacturing Action Plan, the Victorian Government is working closely with the automotive industry,” Mr Pakula said.

“The industry employs close to 34,000 Victorians and we are working with companies, with unions, and with communities across the State to secure jobs and ensure that we retain critical skills and capabilities in Victoria.”

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